Cyrus Company was founded in Brianza, Italy, The home of artistic furniture, in the 1970s. This was precisely the period when Italian creativity began gaining round and fame throughout the world, defining a sophisticated, intelligent image, where being is more important than seeming. Where design always has substance, and elegance can be summed up in a simple gesture, a detail. Destined to become symbols of way of life and living.

The dream, the romanticism can be perceived everywhere.

Each item of furniture we design in different from the rest. But they are all smoothed by experience ad lit up by passion. Unique and irreplaceable, like all our most treasured possessions. Because only those who let themselves be guided by sensations can make the most of every little detail, even those that at first glance remain hidden.

Devoting infinite care to every last detail, creating that route of thoughts and calibrated gestures that leads to repayment, to full and utter satisfaction. An intense emotion to be shared with all our customers.

Unique. Like a person.

Everything in white, the colour that for Cyrus Company is much more… a philosophy, like a large page where each person can write their own individual stories.

And dreams.

The Cyrus Company Casa concept is to create emotion, a magical atmosphere where each and every person can experience their dream, feeling that they are the only protagonist. This is our imperative, and is attained through the purity and candour of white, the synthesis of all other colours, through the romantically inspired designs. The little touches and elements in gold and silver colour reflect and contain the idea of value and luxury.

Cyrus Company Casa is not only furnishing, but also linen, articles, and lamps to make your house unique, creating and ambiance, not a space, because the place we live is the place that mirrors our internal spirit.