In the year 2004 Cyrus Company feels the need to bring the romanticism, the dream and the pureness that distinguish the Cyrus Company Casa collection in a new company based on the world of children: Cyrus Company Bambino.

It’s a new idea, born with the intent to raise the little ones, educating them towards beauty.

With the inauguration of the first mono-brand store in Brera, one of the most romantic and artistically relevant areas in Milan, the project starts getting an industrial shape.

We created a world, with our hands, to accompany your child in his first smile and steps.

A world where emotions have the soul’ colours.

Cyrus decides to open it’s magical and candid world to new levels, creating a new line of furniture and accessories that help the newborns’ growth and give them a dream world. Small and magical objects come to life and grow together with the child.

The Cyrus clothing is already a “must”: a collection for children between 0-24 months, both simple and well studied, entirely Made in Italy. The main colour is white for baby suits, jackets, crib accessories, toy bags, etc…

Natural materials, handcraft made and painted with the warmth of innocence.

Growing is natural, becoming big is an art made of thousand of details, for your child you don’t just furnish a room, but you create a world. His.